Here’s what you need to know about self-pleasure.

First things first. If you’re the owner of a vulva and vagina and you’re ready to dive in to your first masturbation session, or you want to learn how to masturbate better, congratulations. It’s awesome that you’re trying to figure out how…

Avoid rainbow washing — keep it about Pride, not profit

Rainbow colored “Pride Matters” mural on the side of a building in a city

Oh, Pride Month. The first month of summer when brands replace their social media icons with Pride flags, and retail companies smack rainbows on everything from t-shirts to doughnuts.

While the national support for the LGBTQ+ community is grand, the way capitalism’s moved in on the Pride Movement is a…

Molly Carter

I’m a professional writer and intimacy coach. Just out here in the world, helping people have more fun and experience more pleasure in life.

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